Luke’s Story

Lucas was an active, healthy, 14 year old until he contracted H1N1, Mononucleosis, Strep, and then Lyme’s Disease. He then contracted POTS Syndrome, (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome). Lucas suffered from extreme fatigue, constant headaches, dizziness, and GI dysfunction. The frustrating part was getting a diagnosis, he saw many specialists who didn’t know what was wrong. He was finally diagnosed with POTS at the Mayo Clinic in December of 2010. Lucas struggled to fight through this illness while attending Maple Grove Junior High where he maintained an A average. He also played his final year of bantam hockey where he was voted all star for the year. He never ceased to amaze people with his strength, determination, and sense of humor. He was truly an inspiration to his teammates, friends, and family. Lucas passed away in April 2011. Although Lucas is not here with us today, he gives us hope that we can raise awareness of POTS and to one day find a cure.

A little more about Lucas

Lucas Decker went to Rice Lake Elementary and then Maple Grove Junior High in Maple Grove, Minnesota. A multi-sport athlete, he began suffering from POTS in the summer of 2010 but was not diagnosed until December, 2010 by the Mayo Clinic. Despite his disease, he continued to battle for a normal life. He kept up with his schoolwork, played hockey, and was always there for his family and friends. He never ceased to amaze people with his strength and determination. Although Lucas is not here with us today, he inspires those who knew him and those who have heard his story to raise awareness of POTS and ensure others do not suffer as he did.